This Week In Social Media: Facebook Save Feature And More

If you are looking for some information about what’s new and hot in social media, this is the place for you, we have a weekly edition with the most amazing and interesting news about your favorite social media like Facebook or Pinterest. If you want to know what’s new this week, we’ll give you all the information.

We are going to start with Facebook, which is one of the favorites, they just introduce a “save” feature, so how it works? Well, is simple, for example if you are looking on Facebook for something and you find it, but you don’t have time or you don’t want to check it at that moment, you can save this item so you’ll be able to keep it safe until you have time to watch it, this is a fantastic and useful new feature for all Facebook users. Also Facebook has a new buy button, and its purpose is to help business to boost its sales through the news feeds and on different pages on Facebook.

But what about another favorite, Pinterest, well, they have some great news as well because they just added a specialized interests, which means that now, every single one of the categories they have on Pinterest, let’s say for example: Sports, has a new selection of specialized interests that you can explore, also you have the chance to follow along to get new pins from other users who also share the same interest, and this will be delivered direct to your home feed on Pinterest.

Now, if we talk about Foursquare, we have some exciting news because they have a complete new logo and a whole new look, this is a version created especially for you, so go and check it and enjoy of the new Foursquare.

Finally, we are going to mention some social media tools that we think you should check out: Bamboo paper: this is an application that lets you write exactly like if you were writing on a real paper, the good news are that this is available now for Android Tablets, IOS and Windows. Another one is Steady camera which is perfect if you want to record all your action videos with stabilization and slow motion for example and the last one that we want to talk about is: Vingle, which is perfect to meet people who love the same things that you do and also share things with them. So what do you think about all these new features of your favorite social media sites? Which one is your favorite?