Social Media – Facebook Or Twitter For Your Business?

You are, I am sure, familiar with social media and their potential uses for business? If you could compare Facebook and Twitter, which would you say is best for your business (assuming you use either or both for your business needs – if you don’t then you may need a bit of guidance). Well, a handy survey has been done on just this matter.

It appears that Twitter and Facebook are different (not news) and therefore have advantages depending on which facet of the platforms are used for business use (news). But what are these differences and how can they apply to your business? In a nutshell…

Each of the social media platforms have something to offer. For example, Facebook can give a better flow of a conversation and have longer lasting impact because of the “Wall” feature. Comments and other shared items stay longer. However, Twitter is better for immediate breaking news and views. So, Facebook for “connecting” and Twitter for “speed”.

But, Twitter was also judged better for search and localisation of interactions – both useful marketing tools.

There’s more…

Twitter appears to have a significant edge over Facebook because of the additional ways (through third party applications) that Tweets can be gathered, followed and manipulated. Yet Facebook was judged the winner for driving traffic to your site / product.

So, which to use? I would say both. But newcomers may wish to start with Facebook to increase exposure and traffic and then add Twitter especially if you are in the business to business market.

Social Media and Small Business in 2014

Social Media and Small Business in 2014 have a vital relation with each other because social media gives the opportunity to the small businesses to play on the same play ground aside with large brands and organizations. In 2014 it will be a fact that most of the 2013 trends will tend to keep increasing and some will fall but the truth that only matter is about the communication between business and the customers. How you communicate and build relations and trust with the customers will decide which way your business will go.

Businesses are built on the content these days and content play the most important role in success of your business. So there are some trends you should be aware of:

It is quite evident that now mobile are going to go main stream and are going to play a role of most important communicating playground. Now days almost every website is switching to mobile site so it is very important for your business to make the switch to mobile site. It should be your top priority to build responsive design and think how people are going to interact with your business on mobile phone. You should have mobile apps, emails and SMS that the customer could interact on his mobile phone.

Niche sites are going to play an important role in communicating with your customers because now days it is very difficult to get found in the presence of Face book, Google+ and twitter. These sites will get you in front of the customers because of the high target by the customers and these are the best and affordable.

Social Media and Small Business organization relationship is very important and blogs will always outrun every other way of generating business. To generate new business leads you should create better content on regular basis and try to attract more and more traffic to your website. Blogs are also known as the pros of the small business promotions and if don’t have one you should go and start one.

You should communicate and interact with your customers and potential buyers by creating value able and better content because now days spasms could get in your way and can create a little bit of setback for your business.

Social Media and Small Business relationship depends upon success of your business if you are not successful than it means you are not interacting with customers in an appropriate manner. You should try to be friends with every person that like or comment on your post even if he is your competitor because it is your success that your enemies are admiring you and success always leads to more success.

Promoting your business on social media is two way things as if you want your content and product to be promoted by someone else you have to promote their products as well. So try to find potential influential people that can promote your product and you promote their products. It will do you better than the other party.

Create interesting and best content that a customer can’t resist and you get more and more response. You should be socially active and try to reply to every comment that a user is making and try to remove if there is any doubt in his mind. This year is going to be an exciting year and try to remain at the top of the game by using the new trends of the social media.

Everything You Post On Social Media (Twitter, Facebook and MySpace) Is Not Private!

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many others) has forever changed the way that people communicate with friends and family near and far. On a personal note, social media has helped me keep in contact or reconnect with family and friends I haven’t seen in a long time. But for every good with anything, there is also a bad side when using social media.

Such as two students being recently expelled from school in Atlanta for posting a false comment on Facebook about their teacher being a pedophile, to people losing their jobs because of posts about their boss or employer. Colleges and employers are now checking out people on Facebook (including ALL posted pictures) to gauge their character before hiring them for a job or accepting them into their college. Law enforcement are also using Social Media for locating and apprehending people for various crimes. Social Media has also put gasoline on the fire of many relationship problems and/or divorces in the past few years.

My clients and other people have asked me all the time “Are my posts private?” And my answer is usually “Not Really”. Please allow me to explain:

1. Google and Other Search Engines will ALWAYS Locate Your Social Media Profile.

Next time you are on a computer, do this little experiment. Go to Google and type your name in the search box and single left click the “Google Search” button. Your Facebook, Twitter or any other social media profile will ALWAYS be one of the first things that shows up in Google before anything else.

2. No Matter How You Set Your Privacy Settings, Certain People With Certain Credentials Can Have Full Access To Your Profile At Any Time!

With the Stored Communications Act of 1986 – Section 2703, Paragraph (B) – Which states that a governmental entity may require a provider of remote computing service (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc) to disclose the contents of any wire or electronic communication. In addition, without required notice to the subscriber or customer, the governmental entity can obtain a warrant issued using the procedures described in the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (or, in the case of a State court, issued using State warrant procedures). This one section makes it legal for certain people to have FULL access to your social media profiles NO MATTER HOW YOU SET YOUR PRIVACY SETTINGS!

3. Plain And Simple, People WILL Talk And Gossip!

You will not believe how people are connected to each other these days. One person could connect up to five or more people in different circles, and some connections are made in ways that you may never know existed. You will clearly see this on a profile where it states that you have x amount of mutual friends, or on Twitter where the profile will say that you both follow X. And when you post something about another person, it tends to spread around and possibly back to the original partie(s) really, really fast. REMEMBER, this is the Internet, where information is created and shared by EVERYONE!

In conclusion, social media websites can be an excellent tool for communication (especially for small businesses), but before posting that negative comment, PLEASE keep in mind that major consequences and repercussions may happen to you, because of what you are about to say.

Marketing on a Nil Or Low Budget Part 2 – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – Social Media

What can you do when you have little or no money to put aside for advertising? How can you get the most bang for your buck? And what the heck is “social marketing” and why should you learn how to use it?

Previously I shared how you should create your message first before starting to market your company/products. This is important because presenting a consistent message over and over in different formats is going to be remembered a lot sooner than a different message every time.

So, what about social media – Facebook and Twitter? What about LinkedIn? How can these pages help your business?

Well they can actually help a lot, and cost little to nothing in the process.


the first thing you want to do is to create a Facebook group for your business. You can create a group, or a Fan Page. Or both. The group page is where you can post your updates and messages. The Fan Page is where others can post messages and links. The Fan Pages tend to be more unrestricted in the sense that unless something is terribly abusive, anything gets posted.

The first part of the Facebook page is a brief description of your business. For example, if your business is clothing, then the description would be about your clothing line. If your business is photography with an expertise in weddings, then write that.

Then there is a section for recent events – and that can be anything from tips, to sales, to interviews, to favourite web pages… anything related in some way to your business. Something that gives value to your readers/group members and has them returning for more.

Once you have those pages set up you can invite people to join your group.

Is that it you say? Is that all you have to do? No!

You should be updating your page minimum weekly. Put a link to a new blog post you’ve done – or perhaps a related blog to your business that you particularly like. Keep it fresh. Change the picture perhaps. Make it personal! (For a great article on branding – go to Ask questions – message your members if you need some feedback on a new product. Invite members to events using the event feature – maybe it is a special sale, or a coupon code. The point is to keep this interactive and worth their while to keep coming back. If there is nothing new, they won’t stay long as a member.

Having said that – use the interactive (messaging and event invitation) judiciously and somewhat sparingly – there is nothing worse than having the same group message every day about something. I tend to tune-out then turn off those group connections.

Don’t forget you can also link in your external blog site to your Facebook page. Then each time your blog is updated, it automatically updates on Facebook. You can link your Twitter account too with the Twitter widget.

On your own page, join other groups that may be interested in what you have. Then when you have a special for example, post on a few of those pages a link to your site with a short engaging message. Just be careful not to make a lot of postings! Facebook will suspend your account, perhaps permanently!

And then there are Facebook ads. My oh my what a tool. Here is where you can target a specific age, a specific location to really focus your message to the people you want to reach. I first learned about this from a young real estate agent who shared that his ads get posted on a page when the persons status changes from single to engaged or married – he sold 28 homes in 2008 all through internet connections!

This part is not free, but it is not out of reach for most of us. I am just starting to explore this level of Facebook, and will do a trial of ads targeted for collegiate athletic programs. The possibilities are enormous! You set the price you want to pay for the ad clicks, and the limit you are willing to pay each day. So it is a really targeted media if you have a specific group in mind that you want to reach.

Getting deeper into Facebook and posting real ads is where you start adding up costs. But if your ad is well written and generates sales, then your return-on-investment will have proven itself. I will write an update on how well that has worked down the road.


Twitter is another social media that is becoming “all the rave”. I admit again that I am not as familiar with the uses of Twitter as I now am with Facebook. I think celebrities and athletes are finding this extremely useful to gather a following – so many people want to know the minutia of a celebrity’s life! Or if you are a successful business person like Joe Vitale, thousands of people hang on your every word.

I see a more practical use for Twitter in creating “a day in the life of… ” tweets. It really is a “micro-blog”. For example, using photography again you could tweet your day in the life of a photographer. That might mean “off to photo shoot”, “calming down bride”; “helped fix wedding cake”; “downloading media”; etc. etc. It could be quite interesting for the person thinking about a career in photography!

Twitter is also useful for posting notice of the start of events, or contests – short notices that let people know status has changed.


And then there is is more of a professional business directory that can link you to thousands of people. Sometimes job postings are only posted on LinkedIn. Sometimes you want to get connected to a particular individual, and one of your connections on LinkedIn happens to be in their network – so you can ask your connection for an introduction.

You also make and receive recommendations on LinkedIn – so you can search your friends profiles and see who they recommend, and add your recommendations too. And finally, when you connect to different networks in LinkedIn, you hear about opportunities that you might not otherwise have heard of.


As you can see, all three of these social media pages have more pros than cons for being able to build connections and opportunities for your business. There are many other networks too. Just remember, you must always be mindful of what you post – anywhere – because it is somewhere in cyberspace permanently. And if it is something you regret later, it may come back and bite you. Stay focused, stay professional – even in your personal Facebook pages – and you won’t have any problems.


  • Get a Facebook account for your business – either start a group from your own Facebook page or create a “fan” page for the business
  • Invite friends and clients to join your page
  • Post regular updates – message members if you have specials or special events going on (interviews etc)
  • Post interesting links
  • Use Facebook advertising to target your audience e.g. if you want to do wedding photography, target ads that go to people who update their status from single to engaged; if your product is for students, target the ad to colleges and universities. Then your ad only pops up on the relevant page.


  • Get a Twitter account
  • “Tweet” according to what your company does – e.g., if executive, can tweet when off to important sales meetings or closing deals; if photographer, tweet when off to photo shoot
  • Set up your profile based on what you are sharing about your company. For example, you might want to tweet about a “day in the life of… “
  • Tweet interesting links too that don’t always have to be related specifically to your company. If you get wind of a really funny video on YouTube (and clean fun – what is simply sarcastic to you may be hugely insulting to someone else) such as the bride and groom boogying into church, by all means pass it on. Otherwise link to things that relate to your company or what your company is about. E.g., if I hear of positive stories, I’ll tweet the link because our company is all about being positive
  • Tweet special events, contests, coupon codes


  • Get a LinkedIn account
  • Take the time to complete your profile
  • Invite people you know into your network
  • ASK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS from people you know – people do look at these and it contributes to their decision whether or not to hire you, or use your business
  • Take a look at your friends profiles – maybe they know someone you have been wanting to meet… ask for an introduction
  • Make recommendations – and only recommend those you truly do recommend, not just because someone asked you to post something. You are relying on your network to be honest about their recommendations so be honest about yours.