List Building Through Social Media (Facebook)

There is no doubt about it – Facebook marketing is the current trend in Internet marketing. It is best way to succeed in list building. With its more than 500 million subscribers, no Internet marketer would ever resist joining this enticing ball game.

As the hottest social networking site around, you can get twice, thrice or even xxx the number of visits you can get from other social networking sites like MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn. Since it is free, all you need to invest is your time.

According to statistics, Facebook users use up more than 700 billion minutes a month for their Facebook account. Each user can connect to more than 80 community pages, events and groups. If a computer or laptop is not enough to satisfy you, you can also use your mobile devices to access the site. With all these in mind, you better start shifting your Internet marketing efforts at the right direction – it is time to consider Facebook marketing!

For your list building project, creating a Facebook fan page is a good idea. Of course, you need to initially create your own personal account before you can make a fan page. When you are all set up and ready with your personal account, go ahead and create a fan page. How do you do this? Simple, just click on PAGES then CREATE A PAGE in your home page. After creating a fan page with your site details, you can start posting blogs and articles on your WALL. Then, use the CREATE A NOTE TAB to publish your article or content. After that, use the FACEBOOK MARKUP LANGUAGE or FBML to create custom widgets. Then, use FBML to create a SUBSCRIBE WIDGET. This is where you can display your opt-in page or squeeze page. It is also important that you learn how to create subscribe widget through the FBML application.

After setting up your fan page, all you need to do now is to promote it. A few suggestions to go about this include trying out Facebook ads which costs $5/day and see how it works for you. You can also try coming up with a contest to entice people to subscribe. You can provide giveaways like gift cards and products. You can also start creating blog posts and press releases. Just make sure you have syndication tools and automation in place for it to go viral. Ads can also go a long way. You can try posting ads at Craiglist.

Of course, to ensure happy and contented subscribers, you need to fill your page with good, quality content. You need to build a good relationship with your fans; to educate them and to basically ensure them a fun time through page. Doing these won’t only ensure a successful list building project but also a profitable career as a successful Internet marketer.